The Future of the NHS

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The Future of the NHS

Edited by Dr Michelle Tempest

The NHS is beset by paradoxes: apparently massive investment in the NHS yet Trusts that have huge deficits; real movement on staff salaries, yet low morale; falling waiting lists and record activity levels, yet rising public expectations. One could go on. What is clear is that a consensus is needed as to what the NHS should be: this book is designed to stimulate that debate in the widest possible public arena.

Dr Tempest has brought together the views of a huge range of leading names in politics, medicine and management, and ensured that their contributions are accessible to all. Whether the reader is an interested layman, or a professional involved in or working with the NHS, this book is a “must-read”.


• Introduction - Dr Michelle Tempest

• The Labour vision for the NHS - Rt Hon Patricia Hewitt MP
• The Conservative vision for the NHS - Andrew Lansley CBE MP
• The Liberal Democrat vision for the NHS - Professor Steve Webb MP

• The Future of Medicine - Dr Robert Winter
• The Future of Surgery - Professor Peter Friend
• The Future of General Practitioners and Primary Care - Dr Mayur Lakhani
• Emergency Medicine: Past, Present and Future - Mr Jim Wardrope and Dr Alasdair McGowan
• The Future of Geriatric Medicine - Professor Peter Crome
• Future Health Service for Children - Professor Alan Craft and Dr Simon Lenton
• The Organisation of Maternity Care - Professor Jim Thornton
• The Future Development of Anaesthesia - Dr Simpson
• The Future of Ophthalmology - Dr Nick Astbury
• The Future of Cardiology Within the NHS - Dr David Stone
• The Crystal Ball of Cancer Care - Professor Karol Sikora
• The Future of Public health - Professor Rod Griffiths
• Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery - Mr Peter Butler
• The Future of Psychiatric Services in the NHS - Professor Peter Tyrer
• The Future of Mental Health Provision - Mr Derek Draper
• The Future of Nursing - Ms Sylvia Denton and Ms Jane Naish
• Integrating Alternative Health - Dr Mosaraf Ali
• What do Patients Want? - Claire Rayner

• Training for a New NHS - Professor Shelley Heard and Professor Elisabeth Paice
• Proposals to Improve Clinical Academic Training - Professor David Neal and Professor Mark Walport
• NHS Staff - Dr Chess Denman, Dr Colin Payton and Mr Daniel Barnett
• The Future of Health Care Management: an Analysis and Some Proposals - Professor Ewan Ferlie
• From Self-Regulation to Professionally-led Regulation in Partnership with Public - Dr Joan Trowell and Mr Paul Buckley
• Redressing the Compensation Culture - Mr Tim Kevan
• Making Amends in Clinical Negligence - Dr Gerard Panting

• Financing the NHS: The Current System - Mr Tony Harrison
• Taxation and Insurance - Professor Alan Maynard
• Alternative Funding Methods - Dr Eamonn Butler
• The Case for Pluralism - Professor Nick Bosanquet and Mr Andrew Haldenby
• Localism in the NHS: Reducing the Democratic Deficit - Mr Dan Hannan MEP and Mr Tim Kevan
• Funding Expectations - Ms Jennifer Rankin and Dr Jessica Allen

Publication Details

April/May 2006
ISBN 978 1 85811 369 2, Paper 250pp, £14.99
ISBN 978 1 85811 370 8, Hardback, £29.99

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