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New Book on "The Great NHS Debate"

THE FUTURE OF THE NHS, Published by XPL publishing, 21 June 2006

Packed with incisive, groundbreaking opinion from within the highest levels of the NHS.

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"The Future of the NHS" treats the NHS like a patient and sends it to 44 leading experts, the most involved and knowledgeable people from many different walks of the NHS who are asked to contribute their personal views about how to plan for the future.

The resulting book brings together, for the first time, the prognosis for the NHS in the eyes of eminent health care professionals, managers, members of think tanks and politicians from all three main political parties.

The Editor, Dr Michelle Tempest, herself a practising psychiatrist in the NHS, said: "The profound questions facing the NHS could not be more momentous in this crucial year, celebrating 60 years since the implementation of the NHS Act 1946. So how are we preparing for the future of the NHS? This book is the first step to help understand the key pertinent questions. It is constructive, not destructive, and highlights the fact that we must all work together to plan for the future NHS."

Dr Tempest, whose brainchild the book was, added: "It is absolutely imperative for every person to be involved in the debate, not just for experts, but for everyone - doctors, nurses and patients, lawyers and clients, legislators and voters, young and old - because the debate crosses every age group and every social divide."

The book proceeds will benefit charities: MIND and The Patients Association/

It is published by, and can be bought from, xpl Publishing, and is also available through the BMA and good bookshops.

The Future of The NHS Forum

Start the debate here by adding your views on your NHS.

Once the book has been published, this website will act as a forum for the follow up debate. Various subject headings will be posted in the form of a web log (blog) and people will then be able to add their views for all to see and to respond.

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